How To Vanquish Your Fear of Public Speaking (Infographic)

Given this poll, it is highly likely that many of you have a similar experience with public speaking.  You practice and practice what you want to say. You have your note cards in your hands and you tell yourself that you are fully prepared. But the moment all those eyes in the audience turn on you, you just want to hide. You want to be anywhere other than where you are in that moment. Other symptoms, per Kim Lachance Shandrow also include:

“Sweaty palms. Thudding heart. Dry throat. Doubts race: What if I blow it? What if I forget the words? What if they hate me? You’re about to speak before a live audience and stage fright has taken”

Thankfully, Shandrow then provides an exceptional infographic from the London Speakers Bureau that may seem daunting because it provides so much information.  However, don't be put off, because this infographic provides comprehensive advice about:

  1. How to write your speech:
  2. How to practice your speech
  3. How to mentally prepare for giving your speech during the prior 24 hrs
  4. How to use non-verbal communication when you walk on the stage and during the delivery of the speech
  5. How to have a memorable ending to your speech

The advice given regarding how to write your speech is so good, it can be used when writing for publication.  So don’t be turned off by the length of this infographic. Save it and use it whenever you have to present or publish.

Posted on August 25, 2015 and filed under Contracts and Negotiation.