What All Food Truck Owners MUST Do

Here in New York, food trucks have always been ubiquitous.  We rely on them to get us through our mornings with coffee plus bagel and cream cheese. (Of course they have more options but this is the official breakfast of many on-the-go- New Yorkers.)  Come lunch time, there are trucks serving up gyros, shish kabobs and a host of other offerings from the many ethnicities living in this melting pot.

But then a few years ago the gourmet food truck craze took off all around the country and everything changed... for the better! As the new movie Chef shows, food trucks were now being manned by individuals who were showing off their creativity by putting a new twist on the food they serve.  And members of the public who enjoy good food - like myself - could never be happier!  So if you are a chef that has something to offer the clamoring public, I say it's time to get your dreams on the road! Before you do though, check out the people over at Entrepreneur Press to find out what you need to get started.  Good Luck!

Posted on May 16, 2014 and filed under Start-up.